boy and dog in sky
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For those who share their lives with one or more four legged friend a house just is not a home unless you are brushing cat hair off your business suit or tumbleweeds of blown coat off your kitchen floor.

For as long as records have been kept there are references to animals not only as hunters or draught animals but as companions and friends.

Ask just about anyone you meet – even those who do not have pets – and they will more likely have a story about a beloved family or neighborhood pet from years gone by.

Whether you are a dog person or a cat person, a horse lover or a rabbit fan, sharing your life with animals is known today to be a healthy option. Children raised in a household which includes one or more pets are shown to have fewer allergies while stroking a dog or cat lowers blood pressure and anxiety levels. At the other end of the spectrum, not many activities can be as exhilarating and spirit lifting as cantering across a grassy field on your very own horse.

So, this website is for those of us who share our lives with animals and for all our four-legged friends. Beyond that though, this site is in recognition of all those who dedicate their time, their lives and quite often their money to helping the dogs, cats, horses and all other animals who have been, for whatever reason, abandoned, neglected, lost or maltreated.

When reading through the breed description pages, please do consider contacting the rescue organizations you will find listed there and consider adopting your next four legged friend from there.